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Dear friends,

Guess what? A kind gentleman took interest in my site and offered to host it for me so that I don’t have to rely on wordpress and its limitations. So from now on, you can read about my latest adventures by visiting:


Thank you all for your continued support. I wish to bring you nothing but felicity and epistaxis.

Best regards,



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Nilabas ni Inday ang bulletin na ito para sagutin ang mga nagrereklamo sa kanyang pagiging sikat:


I would like to take exception to the unwanted and unsolicited opinions that my popularity is not good to the name and standing of all Pinay maids, in particular, and the whole Filipino people, in general. To my detractors, I say stop your derogatory, if not envious, bent. I’m proud of being a maid. The work may be menial but it is honorable. I urge my idol and manay Miriam to call for a bicameral investigation in aid of legislation regarding
this matter.

(taray talaga!)

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Glorietta Bombing

For those of you hoping that I have something funny or witty to post regarding the Glorietta bombing last Friday, I am sorry to let you down for I don’t take such incident lightly. I cannot find any humor nor make the situation any lighter. It is a very sad day for us. Mother used to bring me there a lot when I was still a kid and the mall was still called QUAD.

I sympathize with the family and friends of the casualties in that incident. I cannot comment nor speculate whether it is an act of terrorism or just a diabolical plan to destabilize the government or thwart those who oppose it. One thing I know for sure is that the scars received and lives lost is not and cannot be justified for whatever self serving reason anyone could have. I am still hoping that what happened is purely accidental and an isolated case.

Let us all just unite and pray for peace and prosperity in this wonderful land of ours.

Ederlyn: I agree with you Inday. For today, I will not think of our fights and I support you in this endeavor.

Dodong: I’m happy that my two favorite girls are getting well.

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I parked myself on my throne from the tenth to the twelfth stroke of the master’s antediluvian timepiece. The dreary tortuous hours, I have tolerated. But at last, triumph is mine to behold. I’m redeemed from my gluttonous mishaps. My transgressions are, at this moment, on the furrow with no ending, exiled into the mysterious unknown for all perpetuity… This princess has procured a paltry sum of water from the disinclined estates in close proximity. The reek as fetid as a dragon’s breath is nothing but a murky memory…

– Success, pagkatapos ma-constipate si Inday at mangupit ng tubig sa kapitbahay.

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Bathroom Blues

Alas, the springs of life are everything but flowing. My quest for my own freedom was futile. For now, I’m forcefully bound to manacles of my dismaying impurities. Sadly, it haunts me. I am a prisoner of my own.

Walang tubig at hindi makaligo si Inday. So, nagdradrama siya.

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Suicide Letter

Ang malungkot dito’y alam kong walang iiyak. O maaawa. O makikialam…hanggang sa huli. Sana kahit dito man lamang, maging patas ang mga natitira.

Siguro nga’y malupit ang mundo. Anumang pilit na itama ang mali, tiyak na makakahanap ang tadhana ng paraan para magpasiklab ng panibagong gulo. Ang ilang taong malasakit, pagtatago, paglaban… sa isang gabi lang matatapos. Sino’ng mag aakalang mas mapait ang drama ng totoong buhay.

Nauubos na ang natitirang pag-asa. Ikinatatakot kong dumating ang araw na wala nang ibang paraan.

Ito na ang araw na ‘to. Dumating na ang araw na nabuwag na ang ipinaglalaban. Manalo man ako, ano ang napanalunan ko?

Pagod na ako sa kalapastanganan ninyo sa aking pagkatao. Manood, at walang magawa. Manatiling bingi sa aking mga sigaw ng saklolo.

Lahat, para sa isang lihim.

Minahal kita.

Sa akin matatapos ang alamat ng mga tagapagtanggol.

  – suicide letter ni manong guard kase #2 siya ni Inday pero tuluyan ng pinagpalit para sa hardinerong si Dodong.

It’s complicated.

 – sagot ni Inday

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“May I be rightfully permitted to humbly abscond from the parameters of this teritorial space fOr the necessary reasOn that I am in dismal requirement to suitably discharge these quantities of impurities within my functioning physical

– ganyan magpaalam si Inday tuwing pupunta sa CR nung sya’y nag-aaral pa 

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