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Inday: “What kind of dim-witted, ill-willing person holds proprietorship of this structural malady? Had he not the knowledge of the building codes set forth in international conventions by known intellectual committees. How dare he violate these rules when the very epitome if these things I say are embodied in the Building code of the Philippines as stated in the Republic Act 6541 authored on August 26 in the year of the Lord 1972. Had this structure existed even before that? I think not. Therefore you have peddled against the R.A. 6541, which gives me the stands to lead this to court with a count of attempted homicide and the evasion of responsibilities according to the said Republic act..”

Security Guard: [nosebleed]

– pinapagalitan ni Inday ang sekyu ng playground nang nabali ni junior ang Monkey Bars at muntik pang mabagok ang ulo


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Sinumpong si Junior

Amo: Inday, nganu gipasagdan man nimo si Junior nga pirti man ning tsabaw?

Inday: Sir, according to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory of growth and development, toddlers normally exhibit temper tantrums to express emotions such as anxiety. And the best intervention is to ignore the situation. However, one should provide safety to avoid danger during their tantrums.

Amo: pag churoi!

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Nakabasag si Junior

Amo: Bakit nakabasag ng chinese vase si Junior?

Inday: There is no allusion of doubt nor the presumption of guilt that a mere wanton display of a cajoling crop of youth could possibly render the horticultural vessel in its now disparaged state.

Amo: [dugo na naman ilong]

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Amo: Bakit ayaw lumipad ng saranggola ni Junior?

Inday: By the manner of scrutinizing the frail aerodynamics design of this supposed heavier than air glider stringed toy, I suggest that you should come up in a symmetrical airfoil, that will produce a great amount of lift, in accordance with the standard of the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics).

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Matapos pinturahan ni Junior ang pinto…

Junior: Tapos na!!

Inday: The area by the hinges, are you done with that?

Junior: Baket pa? [habang kamot ng ulo]

Inday: Listen boy, don’t you dare disregard that area. Don’t you know if that part is not protected by paint, the weathering process removes about ¼ inch of wood per century from it on vertical exposures; even more wood is eroded in severe exposures. Furthermore, because the door is exposed to moisture, it is also subject to decay.

Junior: Wahhh! Mommmyyyy… [sabay takbo sa loob]

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Junior, why do you keep watching that show with the hydrocephalic burnt victim? Oh that poor kid.

– nadatnan ni Inday si Junior nanonood ulit ng Kokey

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Junior malapit sa TV

Did it ever occur to you that the ultraviolet rays of the idiot box can bring harmful radiation to the retinal area? It could lead to blurred vision, worse, permanent blindness?

– pinagalitan ni inday si junior sa sobrang lapit manood ng kokey!

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