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Do I have to reiterate as often as possible that my the anatomical structure of the two inferior domesticated wannabes are far worse than the aesthetics of my feline pet named Galandra? Obviouly these friggin’ she-hawks are just trying to seize the attention of the masses: trying hard social climber impotents.”


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Sagot ni Inday kay Simang

Simang? are you an Ederlyn-reincarnate? Is this the reason why Ederlyn became silent for quite some time? To hone her linguistic skills then change her name to Simang to rise up and try to usurp my popularity? I see the parallelism to the life of Jose Rizal thus, making you an adversary worthy of my time. By the way, are you also a household services manager like me or just a simple prenominal commodity merchandiser?

(*tinanggap ni Inday ang deal ni Simang na mukha yatang isang sari sari store vendor lamang)

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Hamon ni Simang

How dare you create such an ostentatious vector for your self promotion. This is an utter insult to Ederlyn, Dodong and Me. You use us in parodies to inculcate in the minds of these pseudo-intellectual readers that we are inferior to you? I demand a public apology, or else I will concoct another channel by which your readers will be drawn to me. Or, you can just feature me here as your regular “antagonist”. Deal or no deal?

(*nakapamewang at suot ang alahas ni Madame Imelda.)

(*Si Simang ay nainggit sa kasikatan ni Inday at gustong pabagsakin at palitan ito)

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