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Dear friends,

Guess what? A kind gentleman took interest in my site and offered to host it for me so that I don’t have to rely on wordpress and its limitations. So from now on, you can read about my latest adventures by visiting:


Thank you all for your continued support. I wish to bring you nothing but felicity and epistaxis.

Best regards,



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Dear friends,

Thank you for the overwhelming support that you have shown me. I didn’t quite expect that my life would be so phenomenal that it could thrust my blog in the top 10 English Blogs here at WordPress in a few weeks time.

Thank you once again and more power to the Filipino people!



…I’m so mean … hehehe

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“You might not appreciate it or understand its paramount significance when it comes to maintaining harmonious relationships with people living in and outside the country. but processing both FRIENDSTER and MULTIPLY accounts and keeping them updated and active is a necessity in this highly technological world. Furthermore, my chance of meeting a bachelor increases each time i uploaded to these websites photos of myself in various states of undress. now, excuse me as i still have to approve four delectable testimonials from men who apparently have been salivating after me.”

– ganito magpaalam si inday sa kanyang amo para mag-internet.

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Amo: Yan Pacman, patumbahin mo na!! Tirahin mo ng kaliwa mo, yan uppercut! Bilis matatapos na ang round! Ay grabe what a cheap shot. Duga mo Barrera porke talo ka lang…

Inday: Sir pardon my interruption but I need to send an SMS message to Dodong…

Amo: Ay pambihira ka Inday, patapusin mo man lang itong round! Teka lang…

– Nanonood ang amo ni Inday ng Pacquiao vs Barrera match live via myTV sa Nokia N77 ni Inday.

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… A fundamental question of longstanding theoretical interest is to prove lower bounds on the complexity and exact operation counts of Fast Fourier transforms, and many open problems remain. It is not even rigorously proved whether DFTs truly require Ω(NlogN) (i.e., order NlogN or greater) operations, even for the simple case of power of two sizes, although no algorithms with lower complexity are known….

– tinu-tutor ni Inday sa digital signal processing ang kapatid ng kanyang amo na si Mark na nagmamasters sa LaSalle.

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Nang nakauwi si Inday matapos mamalengke, nagalit ang kanyang amo…

Amo: Inday, hindi mo ba natanggap text ko? Tinext kita sabi ko bumili ka na rin ng giniling. Selpon selpon ka pa di naman nakakareceive ng text.

Inday: It’s not that I can’t receive any messages, it’s just that I was at a place with a weak cellular signal. You see, even though longer wavelengths have the advantage of being able to diffract to a greater degree and are less reliant on line of sight to obtain a good signal, it can still attenuate significantly. And because the frequencies which cell phones use are too high to reflect off the ionosphere as shortwave radio waves do, cell phone waves cannot travel via the ionosphere.

Amo: Pa-ayono-ayonospir ka pang nalalaman. magsaing ka na nga bago dumugo na naman ilong ko.

[naks mukhang ECE graduate din ata si Inday]

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Amo: Day, paki-lipat ang comforter sa kwarto ko.

Inday: Saan ko ilalagay koya?

Amo: Ipatong mo sa kama maya-maya.

Inday: Dun na po, sinama ko na rin ang frenter at iskaner koya!

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